I felt physically stronger than I had in a decade.

After turning 40 a couple years ago, I began to worry. My body was feeling the years more and more with each passing day. Aches and pains in my shoulders and down my back caused me constant nagging pain and kept me from sound sleep. All of my physical energy was directed at simply getting myself thru my workdays and weekends. Unfortunately, I had always been a suck it up and work and play thru the pain sort of guy, so I chalked up the way I was feeling to just getting older. It didn’t feel right but I just accepted it.

But then I reached a crisis point while playing out the string in beer league hockey one night. I had tweaked something in my back very badly. I couldn’t untie my skates after the game. The next day I had to ask my kids to put on my shoes and socks for me because I could not do it myself. At 43 years old, I knew something had to change, so I called Active Health Chiropractic and Dr. Voll just looking for a little relief from what I was experiencing.
I chose Dr. Voll and his practice because of his athletic background and lifestyle focused practice. After contacting the office, I was worked in the same day by his professional and friendly office manager. Dr. Voll quickly diagnosed multiple issues and got to work on me. He asked about my lifestyle, injuries, and concussions. He asked penetrating questions about my activities and researched my pastimes to figure out how he could best help me and my particular situation. Dr. Voll explained that what I thought was just the result of getting older was in fact a series of untreated and unresolved traumas and issues in my spine that were piling up and robbing my body of its ability. As Dr. Voll treated me, the debilitating pains resolved quickly, aches and tenderness that were in place for years, simply disappeared. Within a couple visits, I felt my old body bouncing back again, just like it used to do. I felt physically stronger than I had in a decade.

I can’t thank Dr. Voll and his practice enough and highly recommend Active Health Chiropractic. I went from contemplating how to live out my life in a body that wouldn’t allow me to really “live” to feeling like my old self again in a matter of weeks. Thanks Dr. V!

Chris N.

I was able to compete at the state level for the first time!

Choosing Active Health Chiropractic has been the best decision of my High School career. I struggled with numerous injuries while participating in Cross Country and Track and sought help from a physical therapist, but sadly after three years, I was still not performing to my fullest ability. After only a few short weeks working with Dr. Darrell & Dr. Gretchen, I was not experiencing any pain in my hip or leg and I was able to compete at the state level for the first time in my High School career in every sport I participated in. They have shown me I can run without pain and I have regained my love for the sport which has enabled me to set numerous personal records over the past few months. I have not only gained back my love for this sport and my fitness, but I have also gained life long friends. Thank you so much Dr. D and Dr. G for everything that you have done for me and for everything you do for our community.

Bob Vance

They are ALWAYS there to help and give excellent advice!

We met Dr. D and Dr. G about a year ago and they were truly a godsend! My son was diagnosed with ADHD and after seeing Dr. D for a couple of months we noticed a huge change in his behavior. We also call Dr. D and Dr. G before going to another doctor. They are ALWAYS there to help and give excellent advice. We trust them 100%. I highly recommend Active Health to everyone I know!